Thank You For Your Interest In Our Dragons! 

     We are located in Southern California and we love dragons! Our favorite dragons are Extreme Reds and Bright Citrus dragons! We have been proud dragon owners since 2007 and have just gotten into breeding. We are very excited to see what the 2011 breeding season will bring us! We strive to bring you the healthiest and best looking dragons possible, specializing in Extreme Reds and Citrus dragons! All of our dragons are provided with daily greens, squash, calcium dusted crickets containing D-3, dubias, super and wax worms, as well as a weekly multi-vitamin. They are bathed at least once a week and live under Repti-Sun 10.0 UVB bulbs, along with appropriate basking bulbs.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask and thanks for your interest in our dragons!


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Here is a picture of the founder of our business, Mark, with our first dragon, Blokey. He is not a breeder of ours, just a pet we love VERY much! Notice the dichotomy of the bearded dragon and the beard! :) 

And here is the co-founder, Madison. She also loves Blokey... although, she does not have a beard.