Meet our gorgeous breeders!

Our sire, Isaac Newton, weighing 375 grams and measuring 20 inches in length. He is an extreme red whose dad was a Phantom Dragons x BloodBank and his mom was from Kakadu dragons' red lines. He is not a leatherback, but he is a leather sibling. He is also 66% Heterozygous for Hypo and a possible 50% Het for Trans. We hope to see this proven out with future clutches! 

Our dame, Dooders, was purchased from a local breeder, and she weighs 400g. With each shed, her colors impressed us more and more. She is a citrus Sandfire, although we are not sure of her exact genetics. We're very excited to see what she will produce! Also worth noting is that this girl can EAT! She is just godly the way she devours food! 

Below is a video of our BEAUTIFUL Dooders enjoying the HECK out of her weekly bath! She loves splashing around and swimming! Check out those colors on her! Wow!